New Patient


We need several items of information from you before we can deliver care for your child. We can’t get this information from other places you may have given it, including other providers, the hospital, or previous clinics, due to HIPAA laws and other confidentiality requirements.

In an effort to make it as painless as possible, here are the forms you may need in pdf-fillable format.

  • You’ll have to fax it, mail it or bring it with you to your appointment, because emailing it IS NOT SECURE and could lead to identity theft
  • If you don’t have it completed by your appointment time, you’ll have to fill it out by hand at the office, your appointment will be delayed and you may have to be rescheduled

All new patients need the first 3 forms filled out before their appointment. The last page is optional.

New Patient Forms

Foster Child New Patient Form - if you are a foster parent of a new patient, please fill this form out before their appointment.