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Links to other websites we think you'll find useful
Websites mostly about health & child development:
The American Academy of Pediatrics has a new resource for parents on its website called  HealthyChildren is "Powered by pediatricians; trusted by parents."  You can locate all kinds of up-to-the-minute information about child development and childhood illnesses.  There is also a link to Healthy Children magazine, and you can download the latest issue for free.
Does your child have food allergies?  Find out more at the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.  Links to support groups, the latest research, recalls, and news you can use.
Got questions or concerns about the flu?  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has up-to-date information about influenza, including tips on avoiding the flu. has a website just for parents.  Has lots of great information about children's health issues, growth and development, improving your parenting skills, and first aid and safety information.
Dr. Greene's House Calls is a good, easy-to-use source of general health information.
Websites with parenting tips and articles: is Disney's family web site with a wide variety of information and parent-to-parent support. is the web site of Parent's Magazine, and has the same kinds of useful information as the magazine--you can even email an expert for personal advice.
iVillage is a huge website for women, with pages covering all sorts of topics.  One page is called Pregnancy and Parenting, which specifically has information on all stages of development, including health topics, parenting tips and even craft ideas.
Websites for children:
The site just for kids has everything you ever wanted to know about your body, growing up, diseases and injuries and more.  You will also find games, experiments and recipes.
Websites for teens:
Acne Treatment has a great Guide to Teenage Mental Health - Education, Awareness & Information.
The teen website has information about nutrition, fitness, diseases, drugs and alcohol, staying safe, and more.
TeenHealthFX provides online answers to teens' questions about their health, their relationships, their bodies and their sexuality.  It is not meant to substitute for talking to your own doctor or parents, but it is a way to find out answers to questions without embarrassment.
Here's  a link to a list of on-line resources and advice on many topics of interest to teens: nutrition & weight, piercings, dating, depression and more.  Links are generally to university, medical and government sites. is the teen website of The Foundation for a Smoke Free America (which also has a website for adults).  You will find quitting tips, pictures you can use to make posters for school, and links to websites where you can research specific issues dealing with smoking and tobacco for school papers, newspaper articles or debate.